A 16-year-old girl gets pregnant ‘after mother forces her into prostitution’ in Dubai

A 16-year-old girl became pregnant after her mother offered her to different men to have paid sex, a court heard.

The Court of First Instance was told that the girl was less than 17 years old when her 42-year-old Pakistani mother brought her to work in Dubai.

A 16-year-old girl gets pregnant after mother forces her into prostitution in Dubai

“My mother brought me here to work in a beauty salon. But when I arrived she told me, in front of my father, I would work in prostitution.”

She refused at first, but agreed later after her mother screamed and insulted her, she claimed.

“I needed the money to cover the medical expenses she had paid for me and to build a house back home.”

She was, at first, taken to a hotel room where she had sex with a man for Dh10,000, which was paid to a woman known to her mother.

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That woman would later drop her at rooms, where she would have sex with men and collect money. Her mother would collect the daily revenues later in the day. The mother and a 50-year-old Pakistani businessman have both been charged with human trafficking.

Prosecution records show the teenager and her parents left for Pakistan when their visas expired. Two months prior to the arrest, the mother brought her back and lived in a partitioned villa in Al-Waheeda.

The businessman man was there and he helped in arranging clients for the girl. The mother would drop her daughter at hotels and pick her up two hours later. The girl was caught when she was taken to a hotel in Sharjah by a woman accomplice (who had been deported) to meet a client.

The mother claimed during investigation that she used to work as a maid but needed more cash to settle her debts and that her daughter did not mind working in prostitution. She admitted then that the man to whom she owed money and another accomplice (whose wife was taking the girl to customers) both had sex with the girl in a room in Deira.

She admitted she collected Dh2,000 from them after she returned from shopping. She also confessed to collecting Dh50 every time she would send her girl to the rooftop to meet a man.

A medical report dated May 16 showed the girl was 12 weeks pregnant and is due to deliver in November. She is being taken care of at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. The next hearing is set for Sep 1, 2016.

Original Published in Khaleej Times

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