Afghanistan’s Victory Day – Most invaded, yet unconquerable

I am seeing lots of Afghans celebrating and wishing the 19th August as the Afghanistan‘s Independence Day, while Afghanistan never had any Independence day but the Victory Day.

Afghanistan Victory Day - Most invaded yet unconquerable

To be Independent one needs to had been occupied before, while the Land lock “Afghanistan” was never occupied, the British got on the land and had been continuously in war with Afghans, while Afghans had their own government and system, finally they were beaten and defeated by the great Nation “Afghans”.

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Independence is like India, USA itself, Japan, Germany etc have, they were ruled by the British, the entire government was run by the British, but there’s no example seen in Afghanistan case, if Aug 19th is what Afghans celebrate as the Independence day, they got many more then, they can’t celebrate their every victory as the Independence, in that case, they beat, Cengasis “Changiziz”, Alexander the Great, Iranian, Mughals, British 2 more times, the Russians, and now the current temporary occupiers in Afghanistan …

Afghans are one of the Nation on the globe that has no Independence day, Since they were always Independent. So Afghans should celebrate the 19 Aug as one of the Victory Day …

Article by @Habibies

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