‘Iranian Hulk’ signs up to fight against ISIS in Syria

An Iranian power-lifter, nicknamed after a Marvel superhero, has become an international social media star with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. Sajad Gharibi has also volunteered to join Iranian forces fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria against ISIS forces.

Sajad Gharibi has volunteered to Iranian forces fighting alongside forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al Assad in the war-torn Syria, BBC reported on Saturday.

Images courtesy of Sajad Gharibi/Instagram.
Iranian Hulk signs up to fight against ISIS in Syria

Due to similarity in their size, there were rumours that Gharibi is Islamic State (ISIS) notorious executioner. However, the rumours turned out to be false.

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Gharibi said he wants to defend Shia Shrines in Syria against Islamic State and other attackers.

Iranian Hulk signs up to fight against Islamic State in Syria

The Iranian weightlifter has left his 125,000 followers on Instagram flabbergasted with his enormous physical size. Twenty-four-year-old Sajad Gharibi aka Persian Hercules weighs an enormous 153kg, almost all of which is muscle. The Hulk-lookalike, who posts photos of his day to day life, can lift up to 176kg – almost the same weight as two baby elephants.

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Since gaining a following on his social media accounts, Gharibi has quickly become an internet sensation as netizens express their amazement at his impressive built.

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