Muslims in UK face longest Ramadan in 33 years with 19hrs fasts

Muslims in the UK are facing the “longest” Ramadan in 33 years, as the holy month coincides with the summer solstice, meaning long days of fasting.

Muslims who observe Ramadan, which began on Monday, do not eat or drink anything, including water, when it is daylight. Fasting ends at sunset with a meal, known as the Iftar.

Muslims in UK face longest Ramadan in 33 years with 19hrs fasts

Ramadan is determined by the lunar cycle and will run from 6 June to about 5 July this year. The timing shifts each year in relation to the Western calendar.

Ramadan is the “holy month” and the fasting is seen as a way to bring participants closer to God and remind them of those less fortunate.

London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, tweeted that fasting “won’t be easy” and said he would miss coffee the most.

The first week:

  • Monday, 6 June – Fast begins 02:46 BST, fast ends 21:17 BST
    Tuesday, 7 June – 02:45, 21:17
    Wednesday, 8 June – 02:44, 21:18
    Thursday, 9 June – 02:43, 21:19
    Friday, 10 June – 02:42, 21:20
    Saturday, 11 June – 02:41, 21:20
    Sunday, 12 June – 02:40, 21:21

The Muslim Council of Britain said on its website on Monday: “Muslims fasting this Ramadan must be particularly careful during long daylight hours.”

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