New iPhone will look like the 6S

The Wall Street Journal is today backing up rumors that Apple‘s iPhone 7 will bear a close resemblance to its two most recent predecessors, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The device, due this fall, will see “subtle changes” and you have already heard about the biggest one:

The headphone jack is going away.
The screen sizes offered will remain unchanged at 4.7 and 5.5 inches.
This will mark a departure from Apple’s “tick tock” cycle of completely overhauling the iPhone‘s design every two years.

New iPhone will look like the 6S

Instead, the iPhone due next year will be the one to undergo substantial design changes. Possibilities include a curved, edge-to-edge OLED screen and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the display itself — negating the need for a physical home button.

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According to The Wall Street Journal‘s sources: Apple design chief Jony Ive has “for years” pushed for the iPhone to “appear like a single sheet of glass,”. 2017 will mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, so from that perspective it makes sense that Apple is planning something big.

New iPhone will look like the 6S, but big changes are coming in 2017

The design for next year’s phone hasn’t yet been finalized, however. Via – Theverge

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