Over 14,000 Pakistani labourers are stranded in Saudi Arabia

The Pakistan ambassador to Saudi Arabia visited a camp in Dammam where over 800 stranded Pakistanis are struggling to survive.

Over 8000 Pakistani labourers are stranded in Saudi Arabia

“The misery of more than Fourteen thousands Pakistani workers trapped in ‪#‎SaudiArabia‬ is increasing day by day, since more than 16 months due to closure of many oil and construction companies these Pakistanis workers mostly on labour visas are deprive of their salaries.

This situation has lead them to worst humanitarian crisis, they are in miserable conditions and awaiting awaiting Govts intervention for ending their troubles. The families of these Pakistani are also suffering the effects of this crisis.

It really hurts to see such a huge number of Pakistani citizens who went abroad in hope of a better future and due to less opportunities to go back home are now in worst crisis. The Goverment of Pakistan must immediately take care of the worsening conditions of thousands of Pakistani citizens who are in a desperate and hopeless situation in Saudia Arabia.”. – Palwasha Abbas

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According to the foreign office, supply of food at two camps in Jeddah has been restored. In the other three camps stipend for food will be provided to the occupants.

Pakistan’s embassy in Riyadh has set up a special facilitation centre and fund for jobless Pakistani labourers stranded without wages in Saudi Arabia, the prime minister’s office said on Tuesday.

Thousands of jobless Pakistanis, Indians, and Filipinos are stranded and destitute in the Kingdom after a plunge in oil prices sparked construction layoffs.

According to a spokesman for the Prime Minister House, the special centre would provide aid, food, medicine and shelter for the stranded Pakistani nationals.

“The (Pakistani) embassy has further informed that the Saudi King has issued a decree for urgent payment of dues to workers by the concerned,” the office of the prime minister said.

Earlier it was reported that more than 1.6 million Pakistanis had proceeded to Saudi Arabia during 2011-15 for employment purposes, making the country the largest market for Pakistani workers across the world.

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