Pakistani Facebookers battalion demotes Afghanistan from ‘Graveyard of Empires’ to ‘Cowardly Neighbour’ status

The Pakistani Facebookers Battalion (PFB) decided on Saturday to lower Afghanistan’s credit rating from “Graveyard of Empires” to “Cowardly Neighbour” status and gave a new name to Afghanis as ‘Namak-Haram’.

Pakistan Facebookers Battalion demotes Afghanistan from Graveyard of Empires to Cowardly Neighbour status

The decision came in the wake of the tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Torkham border in Khyber Agency, with the Pakistani Facebookers Battalion, which commands the 300 brigades of elite keyboard warriors following Zaid Zaman Hamid etc, deciding to chip in the effort.

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“Forget what we used to say about Afghanistan 72 hours ago,” said Brigadier Handsum Prynce of the 11th brigade. “We know what a cowardly state lies towards our north.”

“Yes, we might have said that they made the British, the Soviets and the Americans eat dust in the past,” said Hijazi Warrior of the 3rd Brigade. “But things have changed now that they have come face-to-face with a real army.”

“We will fight them till the last drop of our blood,” said Rawalpindi Boy, of the 78th briagde, who is a ballistics expert in both Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, Jalal Ahmedzai of the Afghan foreign ministry said, “We Afghans have been tortured by constant war and resent the ‘graveyard of empires’ image that was being thrust upon us. We are happy that Pakistanis are finally letting go of that.”

“Coming to the matter of the image they want to replace that earlier image with,” he continued. “Whatever makes them happy. After all, Pakistan is the country that has never lost a war and Afghanistan the one that has never won a war. What did you say? That it’s actually the other way around? No, don’t say that. Let’s not make the Pakistanis angry.”

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