Return of Afghan refugees in Pakistan a complicated issue

Since three decades Afghan refugees have migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan. The wars and instabilities made them leave their homeland and they took refuge in Pakistan.

Over all these years the Afghan refugees have developed strong bonds. Most of the refugees are settled in Khyber Pukhtoonkwa(KPK) province of Pakistan. With many cultural and historical similarities between Afghani and Pakistani Pukhtuns it was not much an issue for the refugees. They got education here, established business and even many developed relationships here.

Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Gul Mohammad an Afghan refugees living since twenty years in my own home town Matta Mughel Khel, dirict ‪‎Charsada in KPK province,‬ said: My two daughters are married here in a local family of charsada, I can go back but can’t break my bond’s with soil of Pukhtoonkwa.

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Salem Khan another refugee who is doing dry fruit business in historical Qissa‬ khawani bazaar, Peshwar city, said: It would be hard for me to get my self reestablished in Afghanistan after spending years here in Peshawar.

Such many other cases can be seen in abundance. My immediate neighbours an Afghan family kids have grown here, started their education here and have never been to their home town in Kabul since many years. After recent tense situation at Pak-Afghan Torkham border, Pakistani state have given an ultimatum for final return of refugees. Tough due to intervention of UNHCR the stay of refugees is extended till December 2016, but already harassments of Afghan refugees has started by police in Peshawar and other parts of Pakistan. Daily in the name of operation refugees are harassed.

The future of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

This attitude is not getting any positive image. One day these refugees will finally return to their home land but why can’t they be treated with respect, why are we so negative about our immediate neighbours why can’t we give our refugees brother and sisters some thing pleasant and good to take along with them as pleasant memories.

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The harassment of Afghan refugees is for sure a condemnable act.

Wars are ugly as it even didn’t spare innocent kids to enjoy their childhood in the pictures below a little toddler an Afghan kid is working as wars has left him with no other choice other then to support his family financially.

Afghan Child Labour

In this picture below, a Syrian kid is awaiting his favourite cartoon character Pokemon to rescue him from the consequences of war wish if this world could only look in to eyes of these kids before planting hate and bombs. These kids are our future but a future a whole generation is largely at risk due to uncertainty world wide, these pictures are asking a million questions has wars and instabilities gained us any good?

Syrian children hold Pokemon pictures in the hope people will find them and save them

Article by Palwasha Abbas

The writer Palwasha Abbas is a member of Organising setup Pakhtunkhwa Awami National Party’s National Youth Organisation.


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